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Company Profile

Zhongtian Technology

Founded in year 2008,Shandong Zhongtian Technology and Engineering Co., Ltd (ZTTE) now owns 350 employees. ZTTE is an international high-tech company, and the company's business line includes engineering design, technical consultation, project management, project supervision, EPC, domestic and international trade etc. The company consists of seven business companies which are Engineering Design Company, Architectural Planning and Design Institute, Gas Engineering Design Institute, Electric Power Engineering Design Institute, Thermal Engineering Design Institute, Automotive Engineering Company, Engineering Equipment Company, Engineering Supervision Company, Engineering Project Supervision Company and Import and Export Trade Company, and seven branches which are located in Yantai, Linyi, Weifang, Qingdao, Liaocheng,Nanning, Changsha etc.

Over the years, ZTTE insists on the motto “Based in Shandong, for the country and to the world,,. Our business achievements spread over Shandong and other 17 provinces within the state. In addition our business starts to extend to markets of Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe. ZTTE has become one of the most professional companies in fields of chemical engineering design, EPC and engineering supervision.

Our business scope involves industrial fields of petrochemical, organic chemical, inorganic chemical, coal chemical, civil engineering and environmental engineering etc. Especially the company owns patents and achievements in fine chemical and environmental engineering, and the company owns its R&D center with an innovative team. The company owns patents in chlor-alkali, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, multi-effect evaporation desalination, hydrochloric acid desorption, ammonia and methanol synthesis, solid alkali (caustic flake, caustic powder), hydrogen sulfide, chemical odor removal and advanced hybrid NOx-out technology(ASNCR+ASCR) and etc. The company also has unique advantages in design and installation of DCS (Large, medium, small) of automation instrument engineering.

The company owns over 300 employees with bachelor degree or above, including 50 with master degree or above, besides there are state registered chemical engineers, first class architectural engineers, first class structural engineers, utility eajLupment engineers, registered consulting engineers, registered supervising engineers, registered electrical engineers in the compan company holds a unique corporation, culture - Zhongtian Culture, emphasizing the strength of the team, customer’s success is the success of Zhongtian.

ZTTE devotes to become a high-tech ^growth type enterprise with foresight, self- innovation, self-perfectiorvand pursuit of outstanding. The comp^ny^iso devotes to become an enterprise which can cr_ the country, society, customers, The company will adhere to the quality products and services for promote social progress and world|to become one excellent leader in engineering industry

Business Scope

ZTTE can undertake petrochi engineering project supervision, archl thermal engineering design and instj service such as technical consultati project. The Company can write conservation assessment report, etc, design, project equipment productioi kinds of services, and the company i